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EcoWorld This is my friend Ed’s site. He is the “tree hugger” that I know. There are lots of good stuff in his site. From reading some of the articles, it makes me want a hybrid car!


Movie studio in a Linux Box That’s right kids. Unlike most of the Linux solutions out there, Cinelerra requires no emulation of proprietary operating systems, no commercial add-ons, no banner advertizements, no corporate dependancies, no terrorists, just a boring old…

Escape from L.A. – Call me Snake

Escape from L.A. (1996) just finished on Sci-Fi channel as I geek out. Hard to believe that this is just one year shy of 10 years old. I “listen” to TV more than actually watch it.

Cool Picture

I took this picture at club some time ago in San Francisco, when I used to live there. Yes, it is real, this is no Photoshop trickery.

the list

a man from the elite certain masses named non people move from …. place to place corner to corner life to death no home no belongings nothing but pain death, destruction, fear, malice, hate …. murder have no bounds nor…


The sun is in the sky at day, The moon dwells within the night. The single rose is for all to see, She resides in twilight. A rose by any other name will, Be patient for the proper season. Good…

Voyage During the Storm

Dark as the night, blue in day White with foam, not as far to see Endless as sky, deep as mountains high Roaring like the lion at noon time Calm as the dove; Sometimes silver like a dime The seas…