Voyage During the Storm

Dark as the night, blue in day

White with foam, not as far to see

Endless as sky, deep as mountains high

Roaring like the lion at noon time

Calm as the dove;

Sometimes silver like a dime

The seas are full of love.

Stars in the twilight sky

Ships steering by the night,

Splashing on the mighty hulls

The sailing ships of the sea;

Sailors shouting all the day long

The four winds are set free

Nightfall is near, what can go wrong

The majestic ship sails along.

Moonbeams in the night,

Darkness envelopes the sky

Sails thuder at a gust;

Off the starboard bow, he said

The mighty rainclouds appear

The calm before the storm, he read

The thunderstorm is here.

The sails, damp with spray

Tossed and turned by the breeze

Her will cannot be broken;

End is near for the shower

The sun in the sky is bright

Gloomy seas never cower,

Port is near the light

The sea of the day is like night.