Max Headroom — Predicts the Future

For those of you who missed out on this briefly-aired TV series of the mid-1980’s, you have missed much.

Yes, the character Max Headroom began life as actor Matt Frewer in a headpiece (it was never a computer-generated image) in Coca-Cola commercials (in the U.S.; Max was a v-jay before that in the U.K.) … but Max’s popularity was quickly adopted for this amazingly prescient sci fi gem. The original pilot was produced in Great Britain but soon found an American audience.

    This is the short list …

  • integration of video, TV, and computers
  • remote control of video cameras through computer terminals
  • on-screen video images & linked databases
  • “page-jacking”
  • computer viruses, tapeworms, timebombs, and Trojan horses
  • and more … Max Headroom Predicts the Future
  • Murray: “You can’t fake a tape, pictures don’t lie.

    At least not until you’ve assembled them creatively.”