St. Louis Blues 2, Edmonton Oilers 7

Ok, it is official that the Blues are driving me to drink.

The team just cannot seem to get it together. Defense breaks down in front of the net, we cannot play on the boards, passing is good for the other team and the offense cannot connect. And we seem to be slow — we are being out skated.

I believe that talent is there; it is just not being harnessed as well as it could. Since the team is mostly new, I understand that there will be an adjustment period but after more than 12 games a 2-8-3 record speaks volume that there is something else wrong.

As a way to bring some joy to my life as it relates to hockey, I am going on a road trip to Peoria, IL. Off to see the Blues AHL team the Rivermen. They are 9-2-0 and #33 Eric Boguniecki is back from his injury and is playing.

It is going to be great, cause the Blues are play the Red Wings on Sunday — it is not going to be pretty.

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