I Believe You Have My Stapler

The movie Office Space made the red Swingline stapler the most popular office supply ever. Why you ask? Just watch the movie to answer the question. Office Space is hands down the best bitch about your job movie ever. Not only does it poke fun at the corporate IT community, but at some level it reminds everyone about something they hate at their job.

This website was created because yes, the fact is, some people have just too much time on their hands, and yes because someone just loves their red stapler just a tad too much. If you would like to get your own red stapler you can buy one from us (only $15.47!). Many an office war has started over the theft of this prized stapler so make sure you get your own. Because let me tell you something, you can’t have my beloved “Milton”! Yes, I named my stapler, and yes he is named “Milton” after the Office Space character whose stapler was ripped off by his stinking boss Bill Lumberg! Darn shame the stapler was burned down with Initech.

This is a wicked good site, even if you do not have a caseof the “Mondays”. So if you are an “Office Space” junkie … take the Movie Quiz!

Red Swingline Stapler – I Believe You Have My Stapler