The Trials Hosting Providers

I have been with my hosting provider ever since I got my first domain. It has been and still is a good company. Back in the day, like 1999 was a long time ago but is ancient history in net time, I was looking for an inexpensive provider to have my place in the world wide web. Boy that sounded cheesy.

I found a company MyHosting in Toronto, Canada with whom I would host my site for about $10 bucks a month. Not bad really in contrast to today when I have seen hosting for as little as $4.25 a month.

Some time ago then offered a “free” Linux account. I think cool, I can tink around with PHP, MySQL and so on. My main site was on a Windows server which worked fine cause I was doing nothing more than HTML pages. Downside was only was to access it was using a subdomain.

So, I get this Linux account setup and after some nudging from my friend Gabriel I install WordPress and well you get what comes next. After a month or so, I manage to get a Google PageRank of 5.

What prompted me to change providers is that I wanted to use permalinks in WordPress ( I was getting nudged yet again to have “pretty” links). No problem right? Well not so much.

Just a note: your hosting provider must support mod_rewrite on their Apache server to us permalinks.

I figured that MyHosting would do that … seems like a normal thing, right? Well I emailed them to ask and much to my surprise they do not! So no problem, just change to someone that does. And with the added bonus get ride of the subdomain and be on an all Linux server ( much better ).

I find a new host that has everything I want, I “suck” down my site, export the MySQL database and change the nameservers to make it all good.

The name servers have been changed and I can do WHOIS on many different servers and and it shows the new hosting servers but it still does not transfer. The IP address is “stuck” for some reason. Argh!!!!

So in the meantime, I set myself up on a new domain, — it means rebirth. Clever huh? So is the “temporary” new home. Good news is that I have permalinks.

End Rant — To be continue ….