zob 1.1

Well it is very early in the morning, aroung 5:30 in the am. It is the Dec 1st …. only 25 days till Christmas. Shop till you drop!!

Well the time has come to work on the theme on my site. I have been waiting to do this for a while but as always cannot come up with something “cool”. But on the other had, I do like the old version. So the new version is somewhat similar to the old but is cooler I think.

Old version … zob 1.0 …

It has been good exercise to learn more about how the theme works and how the PHP code and the CSS code work to make it pretty. It was not as hard as figured … just some time on the creative side. I wonder if there is a colured pill that can help me with that.

In this new theme, I wanted to try some new things in regards to fonts and their related styles. It is all about stylesheets for that one. I also have learned yet again why IE sucks casuse it does not handle a simple thing … PNGs.

I decided to use a PNG in the nice picture I have in the theme. Rather then making it part of the background image, I wanted to make it a clickable link. No problem if you browse with FireFox, which is awesome, but if you use IE you are out of luck. So just in case you do browse with IE and have for whatever reason not gotten FireFox, I managed to do some IE “magic” or “voodoo” to sort of make the PNG file display right.

Anyway, enyoy and have a good day! Only know I need to get my Google ranking back since I change hosting providers! Soon I think, soon.