VideoVerter – Gadget turns all your video into iPod/PSP/phone/laptop video

It’s seems ridiculous that you can record a TV show to play back on your TV, but you have to buy it again if you want to watch it on your iPod, phone or PSP. Why do you need to buy a DVD and an iPod version? Why can’t you “home-tape” your media to something more convenient, the way you could with your old LPs (some people called them records)?

The Neuros MPEG-4 Recorder is a digital VCR for the portable video age. Instead of buying proprietary UMD discs at $20 each from a limited catalog, now you can create open digital video files from all your content that you can use on all your devices anywhere you want. Your PSP™ now has access to the world’s full catalog of video titles.

The MPEG-4 Recorder is like an easy-to-use, free-standing VCR that records onto digital memory cards instead of VHS tapes so that the video is playable directly on the PSP™ or other handheld devices .

Okay, so this would be the ulitmate stocking stuffer for Christmas this year for that techno geek in your family. I wonder if someone will get this for me … if not I just might have to pick one up, the $149.99 price tag is not so bad either!

Neuros MPEG4 Recorder 2

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