Busch Stadium Is Gone

The final hit at the historic stadium came on December 8, 2005 at 12:25 a.m. It was a breaking ball driven to center, the center of one of the ballparkā€™s huge support columns. The impact crushed the concrete and the weight of the final section along with gravity did the rest.

It’s gone! Busch Stadium goes out with a bang

Here is a QuickTime movie of the final days or months rather the demise of Bush Stadium. It is from time lapse pictures that I made into a H.264 movie file. You will need QuickTime 7.0 to watch these MOVs.

( Remember to right-click and select “Save As …” to download to your hard drive )

QuickTime MOV: Bush Stadium Is Gone (large)

QuickTime MOV: Bush Stadium Is Gone (small)