DIY Satellites

Does this mean I can make my own “spy” satellites? DIY Satellites CubeSat is a program at Stanford and California Polytechnic State University to assist college and high school students and companies in building their own tiny satellites and launching…

CABA – The Canadian Amateur Brewers Association

CABA – The Canadian Amateur Brewers Association This is my buddies Kevin’s beer palace. He is from Canada, and that is OK!

Max Headroom- Twenty Minutes Into The Future

Classic show of the 1980’s. It was and still is ahead of its time. Twenty Minutes Into The Future … Blank Reg: “Remember when we said there was no future? Well, this is it.”

EcoWorld – The Global Environmental Community – Nature and Technology in Harmony

EcoWorld This is my friend Ed’s site. He is the “tree hugger” that I know. There are lots of good stuff in his site. From reading some of the articles, it makes me want a hybrid car!


Movie studio in a Linux Box That’s right kids. Unlike most of the Linux solutions out there, Cinelerra requires no emulation of proprietary operating systems, no commercial add-ons, no banner advertizements, no corporate dependancies, no terrorists, just a boring old…

Escape from L.A. – Call me Snake

Escape from L.A. (1996) just finished on Sci-Fi channel as I geek out. Hard to believe that this is just one year shy of 10 years old. I “listen” to TV more than actually watch it.

Cool Picture

I took this picture at club some time ago in San Francisco, when I used to live there. Yes, it is real, this is no Photoshop trickery.