The Zen of Garfield

Garfield is more than just a crass, commercial exercise in comic-strip mediocrity. When appropriately randomized, it is also filled with zen-like wisdom. The Wisdom of Garfield

A “Real” fuel gauge

So are you getting tired of paying for gas. Me too. I just filled up this morning and my 9 year old truck drank 18 gallons of gas, which is more than $40 to fill up. Not so much fun….

The Best Blonde Joke Ever!

The best blonde joke ever, brought to you by Web 2.0.

Busy Busy Busy

It is almost the middle of the month here in the first month of the new year. I have been so busy with work and traveling, it seems just like yesterday it was New Year’s. I am looking foward to…

LEGO — All I can say is WOW

My sister, Cherie, forwarded me an email that had these cool LEGO creations. LEGOs are the best. You can create anything you want. They are fun and you are never to old to play with them. A few quick facts:…

New Year

Vacation is good. There is not much more one can say about that. It is good. The best part was being truly away from it all, no phone, no Internet, no TV just plain ole nothing. Being someplace where you…