iBill leaks 17,000,000 customer records

Scary. It is all scary … it makes you think twice before actually paying for things with your credit card. At least things that are charged via iBill.

iBill, a company that handles credit-card transactions for porn sites (and others) has leaked the personal information of 17 million customers, information that’s being used by phishers, mortgage companies, and others:

Independently, Wired News found that entries from the smaller cache are listed as mortgage leads on a spammer community site, specialham.com. (The website’s homepage offered no contact information and Wired News was unable to reach the registered owner of the domain, one “Juice Wobble.”) This suggests that the database was marketed as a lead list for outside businesses. “I can attest to the fact that this goes on with phishing groups,” says James. “They break in and steal leads and then sell those leads to (black market) leads companies, who resell them to legitimate companies, and sometimes the same companies they stole them from.”

“The fact that a total of 17,781,462 iBill records have been found in the hands of criminal hackers is quite disturbing, be it an inside job or the successful work of criminal hackers,” says Thomas.

From Boing Boing

Boing Boing: iBill leaks 17,000,000 customer records