Loremo – simple. clever. fun

This is a glimpse of the future. This concept car is real and you can buy one today. Well almost, you can buy one but delivery will not be until 2009. At this rate, gas prices will be seriously out of control. Once of the many great features, is that this car is designed to be economic from top to bottom including the overall price of the car. Order yours today!

How expensive will petrol become? How valuable is the environment really to us?

Why do we need 1.5 tons of steel to get an 80 kg person from A to B?

While trying to answer these questions we developed a concept which ensures mobility for everyone also in the future: Loremo = low resistance mobile!

The cars of the future will have to be more efficient, which means less consumption of resources during production and operation. Loremo stands for this efficiency.

Loremo is based on the principle of a captive balloon: Whoever sheds ballast, will pick up speed.

The sensational fuel consumption of only 1.5 litres / 100 km is due to the reduction of weight and air resistance and is the result of a productive “struggle” for comfort, design and efficiency. Remembering what is essential does also mean to reduce parts and material as well as to merge functions and, in doing so, also to reduce costs.

> simple!

Loremo offers functionality in a most confined space, versatility and simple handling. And with a consumption of 1.5 litres per 100 km Loremo is not only friendly to the environment but also good for your purse.

> clever!

As a sports car, Loremo offers the pleasure of driving with “added value” and defines a pioneering – because sustainable – philosophy of life – and all this at a sensationally nice price!

> fun!

The Loremo principle:

simple. clever. fun