Vista Baby!!

So after a long what-to-do, the next version of Windows is ready … well sort of, that is a “public” beta. Microsoft cautions that this public beta is for tech workers and those who have a spare machine around for testing. What that means is, it still has bugs and they suggest putting it on a machine that you do not care about so if it or rather when it blows up, no big deal.

You can download it from Microsoft of course and for a small fee get it on DVD. Which for some might be easier since it is a 3.5 GB download. It would not surprise me that there is a torrent out there for the image. Cause one could only imagine the download issues that are bound to happen if they have not happened already.

As for me, will I download it and play with it, maybe — think I want to build a Linux box instead.

Here are some links to get the goods …

Get Ready for Windows Vista

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