Want to buy an island?

The United States Office of Property Disposal thinks you should buy this island (assuming you have the money). It’s in the Johnson Atoll, and may well be uninhabitable because of some of the things it’s former tennants did to it, like chemical storage and nuclear testing.

We all want an island of our own in the Pacific, right?

Johnston Atoll consists of four small man-made islands enclosed in an egg-shaped reef approximately 21 miles in circumference. The wildlife refuge on the Atoll is a habitat for 32 species of coral, 300 species of fish, the endangered sea turtle and Hawaiian monk seal, and 20 species of migratory birds. Johnston, the main island, is 1000 yards long and 200 yards wide. The deed will contain use restrictions because the atoll was used by the Defense Department for storage of chemical munitions and as a missile test site in the 1950’s and 60’s. The island can be used as a residence or vacation getaway but it does not have utilities or a water supply. The airstrip and the golf course are closed.

Office of Property Disposal