PowerPoint Security Hole? It could happen.

Is anything safe these days? Well if you are running Microsoft software, then the answer is sure, after it has beek fix a couple of dozen times. It is hard to beleive that something like a simple PowerPoint files could be a security risk.

Just remember for all the power presenations, there always is Keynote It works great!

Microsoft is investigating a report of a new, yet-to-be-fixed security vulnerability in PowerPoint.

Sample attack code that exploits the vulnerability has already been released on the Internet, a Microsoft representative wrote on a corporate blog late last week. Use of the code in an attack could cause a complete system compromise, according to Microsoft.

“The reported proof of concept may allow an attacker to execute code on a user’s machine by convincing them to open a specially crafted PowerPoint file,” wrote Alexandra Huft, a Microsoft Security Response representative. “We are not aware of any attacks attempting to use the reported vulnerability.”

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