Get DUN on Your MacBook via Your Verizon XV6700

Thanks to SvenOnTech for this very helpful information. I have broken his work out into a more of a step by step.

You can connect your Mac to Verizon’s high speed EVDO network via Bluetooth Dial Up networking. This is called DUN. You Mac can be either a iBook, PowerMac, MacBook or MacBook Pro. I have a MacBook and this is what I did to make it work.

Step 1:

Enable the Bluetooth DUN profile

  • Go to the PHONE application (hit the green phone button on the XV6700)
  • Enter ##3328873 (or ##feature) and press “TALK” (or Send)
  • Enter six zeros for the code (000000)
  • Now select BT DUN and WModem
  • Click EDIT
  • Select ENABLE from the drop down menu
  • Tap the OK button (top right corner)
  • Tap the OK button (again)
  • OK the prompt to soft reset your device

Step 2:

Find the WModem application and make a shortcut for easy access.

  • Using Explorer (be sure to enable “Show hidden files”), go to the Windows folder
  • Find the file WMmodem. You’ll see an EXE and a LNK version. Make a shortcut of the EXE
  • Move the shortcut to your WindowsStart Menu folder

Step 3:

Run the WModem application and make your phone a modem

  • Now you’ll see the WMmodem application in your start menu (Programs)
  • Tap on this and it’ll bring up a screen with mostly text, a drop down menu, and three traffic boxes
  • In the drop down, select Bluetooth
  • Then click the START button. Your XV6700 is now a full out Bluetooth modem waiting to be connected to

Step 4:

Setup Bluetooth Modem profile on your Mac.

  • Establish a Bluetooth pairing using the Setup a “Bluetooh Device Assistant”
  • When pairing, select “Other” from the device list.
  • Uncheck headset

Here is the modem connection information that we will need to use:

  • Username: (Your full phone number)
  • Password: vzw
  • Phone Number: #777
  • Mode Script: au cdmaOne Bluetooth Adapter
  • Leave all check boxes checked
  • Click CONTINUE
  • Click QUIT

Step 5:

You are now ready to connect.

  • You should see the Modem Icon in the tool bar (phone with a dot slash)

    Select it and choose “Connect”

Remember to have your XV6700 on, Bluetooth enabled, and the WMmodem application running Bluetooth mode with the START button activated. If all this is the case, you’ll be connected in seconds and your modem icon will display a counter next to it once connected. Enjoy!

Get EV-DO Access on Your MacBook Pro Now from Verizon via Your XV6700