Space is not so far away

This is great and some of the best news about getting into space for the average person. I mean who has the millions of dollars to visit ISS on the a Russian Soyuz spacecraft .

I mean hats off to the Russians, who not only are getting people into space but funding their program with space touriusm. The $20 million a ticket is just a little more than I can afford to get up there, but someday perhaps.

But the Russian Space Agency is not the only player in space. Virgin Galactic is going to get that $20 million down to about $200,000.


Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, announced plans Tuesday for a lottery that would send its winner into space in a bid to spread the dream of extraterrestrial travel beyond the super-wealthy.

Aldrin, who followed U.S. astronaut Neil Armstrong onto the moon in July 1969, said the lottery would be run through his ShareSpace Foundation, which he set up to promote interest in science and space travel in schools.

Details of the competition are still sketchy, Aldrin said at a space investment conference on Wall Street on Tuesday, with the legal status of selling lottery tickets still to be resolved.

He said the idea was to offer the top prize of a flight into earth’s orbit, but it was not yet decided on what spacecraft.

Aldrin added that the winner would have to be over 18 years old and in good physical condition. The prize would not be transferable or salable on eBay.

Astronaut Aldrin plans space travel lottery

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