Time Part 2

Time is something that is constant but for some reason we never have enough. I think even if we had more, it still would not be enough. The simple fact is that things you have to do take up the time for the things you want to do. When you to manage to find the time, which is an odd statement since time is always there and one could infer that time was lost since it is found, for the things you want to do the time you have to so them is so small, it looks like you are not getting anything done.

So is there ever enough time for people to get the things they want to get done? No. However there is plenty of time for the things they do not want to.

The biggest day of my life is coming up soon. There are only 12 days 12 hours and 31 minutes till the big “I do” It is very exciting getting married. I can hardly wait. I have found my soul mate and the woman that I want to grow old with.

It is hard I think these days, everyone one is in a hurry and a rush, to find the time to slow down a bit and “smell the roses”. The world moves to fast and make is challenging to meet people. I am lucky that I have found someone and she is the one!

End Rant.