A New Toyota Truck

Toyota plans to unveil a new concept vehicle at the 2008 North American International Auto truck concept vehicle, called the A-BAT, is a compact version of a pickup truck and it is also a hybrid.


The interior of the car has an instrument panel with a solar panel embedded on top of it that converts sun rays into energy that can be used by the car’s navigation unit, display, and portable power pack. The AC/DC battery pack can support power tools, a small appliance, or a laptop. It can also be used to jump-start the vehicle.


When fully expanded the A-BAT flatbed can hold a 4×8-foot sheet of plywood. The A-BAT 4-foot square bed can be expanded to 6 feet long by folding down the rear seats and wall of the passenger cabin. The tailgate also folds down to support cargo for another 2 feet. For extra height, a panel in the roof of the cab also opens.


The A-BAT also has sliding doors on the outside of the truck that open to pockets for more storage and a drawer that opens to store things underneath the bed. Other features include an AC power outlet, a first aid kit, and lights to illuminate the bed of the truck.

This new truck can offer many features that we all want in a truck. It is stylish and fun along with being functional and utilitarian. And it is a hybrid that makes it green.

Toyota’s A-BAT mobile