This past Saturday, Lynn and I invited my sister and brother-in-law, Cherie and Dale over for dinner. I have been wanting and waiting to grill for them since they got us the best Weber grill in the world for a wedding present.

We tried a month or so ago but the rain was not being very nice that day. Clear sky’s were in the forecast and Cherie told me that had a new thing to show us. We of course were curious.

Wouldn’t you know it, come Saturday morning it started to rain. I thought to myself, damn rain. The sky started to clear and we were a go. I have been perfecting steaks on the grill and was ready to entertain!

I was chopping some veggies for a foil bag to put on the grill and then I hear a dainty little horn. Much to my surprise, I see Cherie and Dale riding up on a cool Vespa scooter!

We had a wonderful time at dinner. It was nice and cool, no rain and we enjoyed a delicious watermelon a nice summer evening.

As Cherie and Dale were getting all “geared” up for their trek across the river, I could not help but capture the moment.