Stitching the rails

Here is a nice article about my sister. Pretty cool!!!


Cherie Moore makes the most of her MetroLink commute.

“I applique to and from work,” said the Belleville quilter who has a 45-minute ride each way to Washington University School of Medicine where she’s a business manager in the genetics department. “It’s amazingly good light. It comes down directly from above. A few of the older trains have a little shimmy, but most are amazingly smooth.”

She carries her supplies in a small, colorful handwoven bag, a gift her daughter brought from Argentina. The bag may be tiny but is big enough for a square of fabric, applique pieces (“I baste mine down and needleturn to applique.”), a thimble, needles, thread and scissors. As she sews, she listens to books or National Public Radio broadcasts, compliments of her Ipod.

Stitching the rails: MetroLink time is busy for Belleville commuter