New Nickel

After nearly 100 years of depicting U.S. presidents in somber profiles on the nation’s coins, the U.S. Mint is trying something different: The new nickel features Thomas Jefferson, facing forward, with the hint of a smile. New nickel shows Jefferson’s…

Theory of Operation of the Quarter Shrinker

Is having smaller money better? The Quarter Shrinker uses a technique called high velocity electromagnetic metal forming, or “Magneforming”. This technique was originally developed by the aerospace industry in conjunction with NASA, and has been popularized by Aerovox, Grumman, and…

Mad Max Interceptor on eBay

I wish I was “down under” …. cool car! Mad Max Interceptor on eBay

DIY Satellites

Does this mean I can make my own “spy” satellites? DIY Satellites CubeSat is a program at Stanford and California Polytechnic State University to assist college and high school students and companies in building their own tiny satellites and launching…

CABA – The Canadian Amateur Brewers Association

CABA – The Canadian Amateur Brewers Association This is my buddies Kevin’s beer palace. He is from Canada, and that is OK!


Not the kind you think I was thinking … new things on the site, new graphics and other things. It is my attempt to be better than I was before. I often wonder if people actually see, othere that friends…

what is zob?

… zob is Zarius One Blog. My friend Gabriel has been hounding me to blog so alas.