Milkman–When I’m Yawning

When I’m Yawning Music Video Channel Winner. Thirsty Mc. Worst fantasizes about the milkman’s wife. Composed completely of 35mm photographs, this video will excite you, disturb you, and blow you away. “When I’m Yawning”

If you commit a crime, Post it on YouTube

Here is what some guy in Wales did and posted his crime on YouTube. What is funny is some of the comments! Helpful hint: If you commit a crime, don’t post it on YouTube October 27, 2006 7:27 AM PDT…

Burger Thief Magic

Windows Vista Speech Recognition Demo Gone Awry

Another sad Vista Demo

Juggling in a Cone

So how does he get in the giant cone? Greg Kennedy’s newest manipulation routine, the juggling of 3, 5 & 7 balls on the inside surface of an 8-foot high inverted cone.

Lend Monkey

You are just like the rest. Admit it, like most movie fiends, gamer junkies, music hounds your once favorite game, DVD or CD was likely gathering dust a few weeks after you bought them. It is not bad, you have…

Geek fixes defective rental DVD, breaks the law

Kyle rented Disney’s mediocre movie Atlantis and discovered that the show was made even worse by the screwed-up engineering of the Dolby sound. He was able to fix it — by breaking the DRM on the disc and therefore committing…