Creating Video for iPod

I like how Apple tells you if you do not have Quickime Pro to get it. And they want you to get it today. Not yesterday or the next day but today.

Creating Video for iPod

With QuickTime 7 Pro, you can create your own videos that will play on the new iPod. Already have great home movies you want to play on your iPod? No problem. QuickTime 7 Pro helps you easily convert them to a format that iPod understands.* Just follow these easy instructions and you’ll be watching your own video on your iPod in no time.

Step 1

Make sure you have updated your QuickTime software to version 7.0.3 or later. If you don’t have QuickTime 7.0.3 installed, get it now.

Step 2

Open QuickTime 7 Pro. If you don’t have it, get QuickTime 7 Pro today.

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