Enable root on Mac OS X

I wanted to add an entry into the hosts file on my iBook. To do this, I needed to enable root. It is not that hard and I have done it once before, but alas could not recall so here is how you enable root and then change the host file.

    Log in on the Admin account.

    Open up a command shell in the Terminal application

    At the command prompt type this command:

          sudo passwd root
          Enter Password:
          Changing password for root
          New password:
          Verify password:

    The first password you are asked for is the already existing password for the Admin account. After that, enter your new root password (twice for verification)

    Once that is done the next step is to edit the host file

    At the command prompt type this command:

          cd /etc
          pico hosts
          This is a simple text editor and you just need to add the host entry in the following format
           Then press CTRL O to WriteOut the file.  You will be ask to overwrite and you want to
           Next press CTRL X to exit
          At the command prompt type this command:

    You have to exit twice, once out of the root session and then the out of the terminal session

All done!