Lend Monkey

You are just like the rest. Admit it, like most movie fiends, gamer junkies, music hounds your once favorite game, DVD or CD was likely gathering dust a few weeks after you bought them. It is not bad, you have just moved on.

Sure, you could sell them for less than half what you paid. And then there is all the trouble of the selling. Sure eBAY makes it easy but it too can be sometimes a pain.

But now you can now trade them for fresh content with other movie/game/music fans using LendMonkey. And what does it cost you might ask, well just a buck. That is it $1.

Brush off the dust of the old, and let LendMonkey get you the new!

A media trading community for all media. You add your stuff and send it to people who want it. Each item you give earns a media credit. Use credits to get media from the community for a $1 fee. In addition to mailing, join lendmonkey Places and trade with local people. A place could be your neighborhood, a cafe, coffee house, work place(password protected), or anywhere! Offer 10 things from your library for a free media credit to get you started.