TVUPlayer – TV from around the World

Is there such a thing, TV for all? I mean most people are regulated to having only the TV channels that their local cable company has to offer. If you choose satellite, well it is what ever Dish Network and DirecTV has in the form of a programming package.

What if I want to watch the BBC from the U.K to catch the latest Doctor Who rerun that is not even in the U.S or watch the latest Blue Peter and East Enders on BBC1? What can I do, will nothing really I mean BBC America tries but is not the same.

But not is all lost, there is the next new thing out there called TVUPlayer from TVUNetworks. The question is how long this last will; we all know what happened to Napster.

The thing is that “those people” who all hung up on copyright violations, do not realize that this is an untapped distribution market that the content creators do have to “wheel and deal” to get.

There biggest issues are money or the lack of revenue from this new thing. They should work a deal for revenue share for advertising inside the playing application. Or leverage short commercial segments that are 10 to 15 seconds long rather than the traditional 30 seconds.

There are many ways to make money but the “old school” methods do not work as well in the digital age. What do you think makes Apple and iTunes so successful? They created a new revenue model in the music business that fits with technology.

TVUPlayer transmits TV shows, including pay-for-view broadcasts, from U.S. and international broadcasters such as ABC, HBO, the Disney Channel, The Comedy Channel, Al Jazeera and Telecapri Sports of Italy.

It’s easy to see why it’s becoming popular: In addition to a big selection, the TVUPlayer’s pictures are usually clearer than the choppy and grainy images that often mark streaming video. Viewers can’t upload their own videos.

The TVUPlayer appears to have gained attention in the United States following the 2006 FIFA World Cup tournament in Germany. Thousands of soccer fans downloaded the software in order to watch matches not available on U.S. stations.

More importantly, TVU Networks has made watching online programming as easy watching a TV. After downloading the TVUPlayer, a menu appears with anywhere from 40 to 50 channels. Among the available channels available on Friday were Comedy Central, Animal Planet and the CNBC broadcast in India.

“Consumers will be able to watch free live channels from around the globe, as well as subscribe to pay channels and pay-per-view events,” said a statement on, the company’s Web site. “TVU Networks brings you programs from around the world that you can’t get from your local cable and satellite providers.”

TVUPlayer: Another Napster?