Goodbye TV, Hello Broadband

Are you ready? Could you “cut” the cable or knock down your dish and rely on the Internet for all of your watching?

It was the ultimate challenge for any lifelong TV watcher. Wired News asked me to cut the coax cable snaking into my HD-ready television, and for 30 days rely solely on legally available internet content to satisfy the video entertainment needs of my family of five.

We posed the question: Is the internet finally ready to kill old-school television?

The rules were simple: Anything I could download was fair game, but there’d be no TV signal via cable, satellite or the airwaves. We decided that watching television that had been cached on the family’s TiVo box was also cheating, so that went into the closet. At my editor’s insistence, I physically severed the cable between the wall and my television with wire clippers. And on a blustery November day, my cable company came and took my set-top box away.

Wired News: Goodbye TV, Hello Broadband