Dual Format DVD player

If many out there are like me and want to watch movies in HD but are patiently waiting to see who with the format war, Blu-Ray or HD-DVD and the price to come down, LG is coming out with the perfect thing; a player that can play both formats.

This is a good thing and I am ready to order one today, but I am curious what the cost is going to be. I would be willing to pay about $150 to $225 for a dual format player that has HDMI and digital audio outputs.

Christmas 2007?

LG Electronics, South Korea’s largest home appliance maker, said Thursday that it would launch the world’s first DVD player capable of playing both Blu-ray Disc and HD-DVD content in a move that could end the latest movie format war.

LG said the new high-definition disc player will be unveiled in the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week. LG, which was a strong supporter of Sony’s Blu-ray format, declined to comment on details but said the new development would end the brewing controversy over rival technolgies.

LG promises dual format DVD player