Return of the startup factory

Humm … I just need some good ideas …

Startup incubators turned into cash incinerators during the dotcom bubble and burst. Now they’re back, and Business 2.0 looks at whether they’re any better at breeding the next Google.

Naval Ravikant is a classic Silicon Valley entrepreneur: He never stops moving. In the past decade, he’s helped launch four companies, including consumer reviews site Epinions, and invested in many more as a VC, including blog aggregator Technorati.

And he isn’t about to slow down now. His next project, he explains while jogging around a Peet’s Coffee & Tea in San Francisco, will bring a group of engineers together, share resources, crank out a bunch of Web-based companies, and hope for at least one hit that makes a pile of money for the whole enterprise.

Sound familiar?

Return of the startup factory