Summer Garden — Update

Rather than come up with a good excuse to explain like that I have been so busy, there is never enough time to blog or something of the like, I am behind and today I am playing catch up. But we should all note the wisdom in, “It is better to stay caught up than play catch up”

The good thing is that I have keeping with pictures of the garden’s progress, well at least most of the time.

There is some sad news however, squirrels like tomatoes. Good for them but not good for me or the tomato plant. Two of them have taken some damage. Those darn squirrels like to climb up in the vine and they take the fruit. The trauma that the plant suffers is harsh and several of the main stems break and fall down. It is very sad. Next season there is going to be some anti-squirrel technology in place.

The good news is that has been some harvesting done and the tomatoes and peppers look and taste great!

Be ready, there is going to be lots of pictures in this post.

Freshly picked on June 23rd


Humm they have nice color – July 1st


Week 8




Here is what is left after a recent squirrel attack