FireFox RULES!

I have been blogging for almost a year. My does time fly. As you know, FireFox is truly the better browser, but the populas uses Internet Explorer. Well I am happy to report that FireFox wins as the browser of…

Minority Report Becomes Reality

My friend Matt who is new blogger told me about this. This is so cool ! I came across this during a random stumble and am very excited. Jeff Han, a research scientist at NYU has been working with new…

St. Louis MetroLink

This is a cool picture that I snapped with my camara phone. It came out very nice.

Windows Vista Speech Recognition Demo Gone Awry

Another sad Vista Demo

Telecom Tax Imposed in 1898 Fades Away

This tax has generated over $6 billion every year! That is a lot of pennies. Gee how nice that we all can get a refund, but just only for the last three years. Something is better than nothing. I wonder…