Vonage is going to die!

Here you have a neat idea to make phone service work on the Internet. You put out some television commercials, dumb ones I think, and them get you a whole slew of customers.

Then it comes to light that you really stole/used/infringed on some patents and your life is going downhill fast. This little bump or pothole as it will turn out will cost you $58 million and you are no longer allowed to get new customers to sqweeze money out of to pay for you big screw up, which is the most likely outcome from the courts in the coming weeks.

But until they stay, “STOP” you can sign people up if they are not aware of your big screw up. A simple Google search is good information for the consumer.

Is this little fact or fiction? It is fact. Poor Vonage is slowly going downhill. Good luck if you are a customer. But I would guess, that someone will pick them up cheap.

Vonage says it may face bankruptcy

As Vonage Faces Potential Bankruptcy, Deal Rumors Heat Up