The Mighty Mississippi

Being from California, we earthquakes, mud slides and wildfires. I have never been in a mud slide, but I have watched the dark smoke in the distance of wildfires and experienced my first earthquake (6.6 magnitude) when I was one day old and the most recent, not on the west coast but right here in the St. Louis area — a respectable 5.2 magnitude. But I never have seen flooding.

I hear about the Great Flood of 1993 and seen the plaque near the St. Louis arch that shows were the water came to. I must admit, at first glance, it seemed a little unbelievable. Today, this is not the case as I have seen first had what the river can do. Nothing on the scale of 1993 or what is happening north of St. Louis in Iowa, but I have seen first had how high the river really is from the floods.

This last picture I found gives you an idea how much of the entrance is underwater. Thanks to for the image.